Direct Provider Support

Each of these resources is supported by our Clinical Consult Services (CCS) team of clinical pharmacists, physician associates, registered nurses, and engagement specialists. The CCS team’s goal is to support you in the treatment of complex patients by applying their clinical expertise, offering detailed patient intelligence, and identifying care coordination opportunities and other relevant evidence-based solutions to support optimal patient health outcomes.

Digital Access

Access the opioid reduction tool on your phone, tablet, or laptop – before or during a patient visit.

Access the Opioid Reduction Tool
Access the Practice Portal

Risk Identification & Mitigation (RIM) Report

Our Risk Identification and Mitigation (RIM) report calculates a provider’s monthly RIM score by assessing specific risk measures associated with opioid prescribing.

Opioid Risk Report

One-page report generated for patients prescribed opioids.  This report also flags clinically relevant opioid related risks. This resource pairs patient specific risk with tailored clinical considerations.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Sharing of protected health information (PHI) with axialHealthcare is facilitated through a Business Associate Agreement with the covered entity— the health plan. axialHealthcare’s products and services are HIPAA-compliant, including the storage, utilization and delivery of PHI used to support patient care.

Benefits of safely reducing opioids for patients


  • Functionality
  • Quality of life
  • Chance of long-term success in chronic pain management
  • Engagement in daily activities


  • Pain
  • Overdose Risk
  • Opioid side effects
  • Poor health outcomes

With the pervasive opioid epidemic claiming tens of thousands of lives annually, the need to support practitioners in providing effective opioid management is evident. Contact us today to learn more about the programs available to you through a partnership between axialHealthcare and a health plan you are contracted with.

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