We improve patient outcomes,
mitigate opioid misuse and
drive financial returns.


Drawing on an extensive, ongoing patient database of over 100 million lives and the latest clinical evidence on pain and opioid care, axialHealthcare identifies what is happening within your pain population and directs implementation of a custom solution based on your specific needs.


Study references

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Pain and opioid abuse in U.S. population, graph

56% of adults experience pain in a given 3-month period[1]

38% of adults use prescription opioids in a given year[2]

13% of adults prescribed opioids misuse them[2]

17% of adults misusing opioids convert to opioid use disorder[2]

$300B in direct healthcare spending due to chronic pain[3]

$78.5B in aggregate costs for prescription opioid overdose, abuse, and dependence[4]

4x average increase in healthcare costs for patients abusing opioids[5]


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Support practitioners with patient-centric, evidence-informed recommendations.

axialPRACTICE gives providers insight into their patient panel and peer benchmarking, and offers educational resources, decision support tools, and targeted outreach by a team of licensed pharmacists. Informed providers give higher quality care to patients in pain.

axialPRACTICE provides decision support and ongoing pharmacist consultation for providers on pain and opioid best practices and gives them access to a full range of decision-support tools. axialPRACTICE offers a comprehensive view of a patient’s experience and opioid risk factors and offers treatment guidance for improved outcomes.

Product Features

Risk Identification and Mitigation (RIM) Practitioner assessment

Includes a RIM Score between 0 and 100 that informs the practitioner of the quality of their relative performance in pain management.

Personalized Care Pathways

Treatment and intervention recommendations based on Scientific Advisory Board guidelines.

Pharmacist Consult

Outreach from licensed axialHealthcare pharmacists who provide in-person and telephone decision support through targeted provider engagement.

Risk Informed Surgical Evaluation (RISE)

RISE assesses risk of poor or non-ideal outcomes for patients identified for surgery.

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Identify high quality providers and refer better care.

Stronger networks result in better, more consistent care. axialNETWORK identifies the top performing advanced pain care and medication-assisted treatment providers to direct patients to the highest quality care at the most appropriate cost.

axialNETWORK identifies and assesses advanced pain management and medication-assisted treatment providers and directs patients toward the highest quality care. The Centers of Pain Excellence (COPE) serve as a referral network of the highest performing pain care providers. The Centers of Recovery Excellence (CORE) serve as a referral network of medication-assisted treatment providers. Proprietary algorithms assess provider patterns and identify those providers following best practices and delivering exceptional clinical outcomes at appropriate costs.

Product Features

Aberrant Prescribing Pattern (APP) Assessment

The Aberrant Prescribing Pattern Assessment notifies the health plan of their current state of network performance.

Centers of Pain Excellence (COPE)

The Centers of Pain Excellence is a strategic network solution that identifies practitioners and clinics providing top quality advanced pain care and steers patients to these top-tier providers.

Centers of Recovery Excellence (CORE)

The Centers of Recovery Excellence is a strategic network solution that identifies practitioners and clinics providing top quality care for opioid use disorder and steers patients to these top-tier providers.

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Engage and support high risk patients with personalized care.

axialPATIENT engages high risk patients with the Empower application. Empower helps patients track pain triggers, learn alternative therapies for pain management, and better manage symptoms and side effects.

axialPATIENT encourages patients to become active participants in their own care with Empower, a mobile application that does more than record pain diaries. Empower is tailored for each patient’s unique condition, collects self-reported data to support personalized care plans, offers alternative therapies for pain management, and helps patients better manage symptoms and side effects.

Product Features

Empower Application

A mobile application engaging complex pain and opioid use disorder patients with supporting information and resources.

Pharmacist Consult

Outreach from licensed axialHealthcare pharmacists who provide supplemental care for high-risk patients. 


Surveil patient data and direct personalized, evidence based interventions.

axialINSIGHT is the operating platform that runs our solutions. INSIGHT draws on an extensive database of over 100 million lives and the latest clinical evidence to deliver a customized view of pain care and opioid misuse and their associated high costs.

The launch of axialINSIGHT 3.0 includes updates to all of axialHealthcare’s pain management solutions, offering new opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment options targeted toward each capability’s respective end-user: health plans, practitioners and patients.

axialNETWORK now offers health plans and referring providers a directory and geo-access mapping of high-performing practitioners and facilities providing quality treatment for OUD.

axialPRACTICE equips practitioners with new proprietary care pathways to diagnose OUD, taper opioids and provide medication-assisted treatment for patients.

axialPATIENT engages patients with OUD through a digital application that provides access to supplemental care and support resources inclusive of axialHealthcare’s clinical care management.


The problem is complex—you need the right team on your side.

axialHealthcare is comprised of some of the nation’s top physicians, scientists, pharmacists, and health plan operators in the field of pain management. Their combined experience affords a clear, evidence-based view into pain, its causes, and the most effective medication and treatment solutions.

Our team brings a unique combination of expertise in the fields of pain care and data analytics in order to provide health insurers, providers, and patients with an entirely new approach to evidence-based pain management and opioid use disorder treatment. 



Enhanced Financial
Performance for Health Insurers 

Average savings > $3.50 PMPM

Improved Patient Care
and Reduced Risks

Patients on opioid scripts declined by 17% from January 2016 to December 2016.

Improved Physician
Satisfaction and Confidence

Over 80% of engaged providers were receptive to the awareness campaign, transparent support, and mission of axialHealthcare.


“If it wasn’t for BlueCare and programs like axialHealthcare’s, my doors would not still be open. Thank you for your outreach and the resources on the portal.”

– DL, FNP, Jackson, TN

“My providers look forward to receiving their RIM reports every month and seeing if their score has improved compared to their peers. We instituted a policy regarding the RIM reports, and the providers regularly view the patient alerts.”

– SL, office manager for a pain management office in Nashville, TN

“Thank you. This is so valuable, and I’m glad your company recognizes how important this is and how much we need this vital information. I am so grateful to have access to this, and to your team of pharmacists.”


“This program gives access to information that we as primary physicians need to care for our patients. It’s especially useful in a state where opioid over-prescribing is something we’re known for – thanks for these tools and for being available to help.”

– MD, AL

“While opioids can be effective in treating acute pain, there is mounting evidence that opioids are less than effective in treating chronic pain—and can actually do more harm than good. Amerigroup has taken an innovative approach to addressing opioid misuse and abuse by engaging axialHealthcare to extend tools and resources to our providers and members that can effectively improve quality of care and enhance health outcomes.”

– Dr. D. Mark Mahler, Amerigroup Tennessee medical director.

“My providers are going to LOVE THIS” referring to the care pathways and patient alerts located on the axialPRACTICE portal.

– Janie, Officer Manager to providers Troyal Lynn Craig and Linda Cole