Patients with opioid use disorder frequently go undiagnosed or untreated. They face myriad obstacles navigating a fractured ecosystem in order to receive quality treatment.

Leveraging personalized services grounded in analytics, axialHealthcare identifies patients at risk, prevents escalation in their condition, and supports appropriate treatment enrollment and adherence. Our high-touch, community-based approach delivers measurable clinical and financial outcomes by effectively managing cost of care while supporting sustained recovery for patients with opioid use disorder.


Opioid misuse costs patients, health insurers, and society as a whole.

Study references

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38% of adults use prescription opioids in a given year[1]

13% of adults prescribed opioids misuse them[1]

17% of adults misusing opioids develop opioid use disorder[1]

$78.5B in aggregate costs for prescription opioid overdose, abuse, and dependence[2]

4x average increase in healthcare costs for patients abusing opioids[3]


Combining analytics with personalized services, axialHealthcare’s tailored approach improves outcomes for patients with or at risk for opioid use disorder. 


Proprietary algorithms monitor patient populations and networks using diverse data sources, including demographic, medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health information.

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Early detection and intervention to prevent poor health outcomes, including overdose, opioid misuse, or opioid use disorder.

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Taking a personalized approach to behavioral health and substance use disorder.

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Understanding and targeting the market-specific barriers to effective treatment for opioid use disorder. 


“If it wasn’t for BlueCare and programs like axialHealthcare’s, my doors would not still be open. Thank you for your outreach and the resources.”

– Family Nurse Practitioner, Tennessee

“We really appreciate all the work y’all do for us, and the resources from axialHealthcare have been just wonderful- it’s been so helpful for our office.”

– Nurse, Tennessee

“Thank you. This is so valuable, and I’m glad your company recognizes how important this is and how much we need this vital information. I am so grateful to have access to this, and to your team of pharmacists.”

– Nurse Practitioner, Tennessee

“This program gives access to information that we as primary physicians need to care for our patients. It’s especially useful in a state where opioid over-prescribing is something we’re known for – thanks for these tools and for being available to help.”

– Primary Care Provider, Alabama

“This completely changes the patient’s care.” 

– Pain Management Physician, Alabama