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axialHealthcare Named Winner of Healthcare Informatics Innovator Award in Data Analytics

For more than a decade, Healthcare Informatics has honored those at the forefront of healthcare IT innovation with its Innovator Awards signature issue. The Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards Program recognizes leadership teams from patient care organizations—hospitals, medical groups, integrated health systems, and other healthcare organizations—that have effectively deployed information technology in order to improve clinical, administrative, financial, or organizational performance.

The program also distinguishes vendor solution providers, who are asked to describe their core products or services in five brand new categories this year. For the first time, Healthcare Informatics asked vendors to submit their innovation in one of five critical health IT areas:

  • Data Security
  • Value-Based Care
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Patient Engagement

We’re proud to announce that axialHealthcare was chosen as a winner in the Innovation in Data Analytics category for the data analytics behind our main operating platform, axialINSIGHT.

We developed the analytics behind axialINSIGHT to support the whole health of an individual across the entire continuum of care, which is something that no other company is currently doing and something incredibly important when treating pain and opioid use disorder.

For example, the pharmacy cost of opioids is trivial since most are generic, but our analytics also uncover the considerable downstream cost of opioids in the form of clinically unwarranted medical utilization ranging from opioid-related emergency department visits to elective musculoskeletal surgeries that fail or are mostly unsuccessful.

However, we do not want to just highlight the problem; we want to be part of the solution. This is why we also identify the elusive pain patient population and stratify them according to risk in order to identify the correct intervention for each individual patient. Similarly, for the providers, we developed an analysis to identify those caring for patients in pain or on opioids and stratify them so those providers are given the correct outreach, education and tools.

Identifying the problem and solution are still not enough. We have to be able to measure and provide evidence that our program is effective at engaging with patients and providers, improving quality of care, and decreasing medical spend, so we derived an analysis to capture the quantification of our impact.

Analysis alone will never change behavior, and we cannot make a dent in the opioid crisis if we don’t change patient and provider behavior. This is where our clinical engagement specialists, Clinical Consult Services (CCS) come into play. Using actionable insights derived from our data analytics, this team of licensed pharmacists provide in-person and telephone support to providers regarding risk in their pain populations and offer resources and tools they can use to facilitate more informed care decisions.

This all said, our value proposition wouldn’t be possible without one very important component: axialINSIGHT.

Our operating platform, axialINSIGHT, draws on a database of over 100 million lives, married with the latest clinical evidence, to deliver a customized view of pain care and opioid misuse, and their associated high costs. The output of axialINSIGHT, including our analytical models and personalized clinical decision support, feeds our other products suites (axialPATIENT, axialPRACTICE and axialNETWORK) to enable the end user—patients, providers and health plans—to make better decisions about pain care and opioid treatment.

Our Chief Science Officer, Elizabeth Ann Stringer, Ph.D., spoke with Healthcare Informatics about staying agile—and understanding how to use your data to enhance both quality care and your organization’s bottom line today. Read the full article here.


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